The Citizen Activist Home

A citizen activist is an individual who has undertaken to improve a nation or society through acts that benefit everyone. This limits most actions to enhancing personal freedom and personal prosperity.

The citizen activist is not a leader, but arises from a failure in leadership. A citizen activist does not lead a cause to overcome some other group. The activist enlists others, and brings them into an effort that benefits all.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the activist is to identify unachieved benefit for all, and to enlist the efforts of the people and their leaders to an effort that will gain the benefit.

SCOPE: The scope of the activist is a single beneficial action; and the involvement of as many people and leaders as necessary to gain the benefit for all.

EFFECT: The effect of citizen activism is the enlistment of a leader with the help of those who are led to accomplish a specific effect that is beneficial for all.

EFFICIENCY: Citizen activism as addressed in this site is incredibly efficient, not only in the general operation of the change, but in the time and effort of the activist.

CREED: I will act so that my efforts will enlist others, and bring benefit first to myself, and then to all others.

FOUNDATION: Citizen activism is founded on the free and downloadable papers that describe the activities that are used by citizen activists:

<PROJECTS: Gives a short title and links to working sensing-poll documents for each of the projects that are identified.

COMMUNITY: The community of activists is based on voting districts and individual causes. A listing is provided for lead activists for the repossession of America, and does not limit the efforts of others who are interested in taking part with the lead activist. It rather provides a point of focus for self-structuring a group of those who are determined to repossess America on a specific project. Links in this document provide access to additional status information and other secondary leaders.

Activists are those who accept that they will be activists, and who have opportunity. To be a lead activist on any of the projects listed, please drop me a line with an attached Report (one of the downloadable files) indicating your voting district and area of action. I will be pleased to enter your name on the spreadsheet with a link to your document. Documents are to be in downloadable form, and to have the file name of the project number from the project PRn-n , an underbar, and an indication of your voting district by state abbreviation and district number or x for unnumbered districts. For example, my first action in Maryland district 3 links to a report form named PR1-1_MD3.doc.

Others who wish to be aligned activists for the listed projects can make contact directly with these lead activists, or make contact through