Activist Down-Links for Repossessing America

OUR AMERICA I provides a more detailed approach to the repossession of the American Government with 8 specific change projects for attention by activists.

OUR AMERICA II shows activists how to see and correct the damages associated with the bleeding of economic prosperity from our Nation.

OUR AMERICA III shows activists how to set our nation on a path to prosperity beyond anything even thought possible without the application of efficiency engineering.

ACTIVIST WORKSHEET is a one-page reminder for the activist as to work process.

ACTIVIST GUIDE provides a more general statement of effective and efficient process by citizen activists.

ACTIVIST REPORT provides a form for lead activists to report ongoing status of their projects, so that these can be linked on the Community listing. Reports will be compiled to support self-organization among activists who work as a team on specific projects.


Ancillary Activist Down-Links File List

OPTIMIZING CIVILIZATION deals with the larger changes that bring humanity the benefits of personal freedom and prosperity.

WORLD-ACTIVIST WORKSHEET provides general process reminders for the Activist who is addressing the optimization of human civilization.

EDUCATION PLAN is an ancillary work addressing how American parents can assume effective, but limited, management over their local public school to see to the quality of education for their children.