Our America Projects

Projects are listed in the "Our America" Papers with additional information .

PROJECT1-1 Restore $ Representation.

PROJECT1-2 Criminalize $ Corruption.

PROJECT1-3 Reclaim the Constitution.

PROJECT1-4 Criminalizing Misrepresentation

PROJECT1-5 Recognize Inalienable Citizen Rights

PROJECT1-6 Establish Justice as a Public Service

PROJECT1-7 No Employee Protection from the Citizen

PROJECT1-8 Implement Government Performance Metrics

PROJECT2-1 Establish Prosperity-Based Metrics

PROJECT2-2 Restoring Personal Savings

PROJECT2-3 Empower Citizen Ownership of Corporations

PROJECT2-4 Halt Support for Planned Obsolescence

PROJECT2-5 Remove Regulatory Bleeding

PROJECT2-6 Establish Credit as taxpayer Money

PROJECT3-1 Criminalize Malpractice Insurance

PROJECT3-2 Require Exception-Based Medical Insurance

PROJECT3-3 Require Corporate Performance

PROJECT3-4 Give Investors their Owner Voice

PROJECT3-5 Corporate Performance Reports for Investors