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Management engineering is the application of basic efficiency engineering to the work of gaining performance through a subordinate organization.  This website provides information for the promotion and effective use of management engineering.


The difference between management engineering and popular management improvement programs is between improving management and optimizing management.


The Most Recent Newsletter


RepoOpportunity.htm:  POTENT – A citizen’s guide to repossessing the Nation starts with assuming management over Government – and this opens the tool for that use.

MgtEngNewsArticle.doc:  Engineering the “Business of Government” with tool-sets and links to solving our most challenging problems facing government leadership.

SelfGovSummary.pdf:  An introduction to self-government for the citizen-owner.

SelfGovern.pdf:  An Owner-Manual for the Self-Governing Citizen.

GovMetrics.htm:  Engineered metrics for Government – including 100-year scorecard.

WarVsIRS.htm:  Analysis compares damages from Afghan Action to IRS.

CustTakover.htm:  Church Congregations can put leash on central administration.

ITStandards.htm:  Government management of IT through customer-based standards.

(LSS)x2:  Applying Lean Six Sigma to itself (as it appears on the isixsigma.com website).

AlienResource.htm:  Engineering to handle the challenge of 13,000,000 illegal aliens.

LSSUpgrade.htm:  Management Upgrade supporting/improving Lean Six Sigma.

DomTerror.htm:  Managing Domestic Terrorism – engineered solution.

AntiTerror.htm:  Customer/product analysis validates past practices and much more.

EduCustomers.htm: Product-Customer Analysis for an Institution of Higher Education

EngOutsource.htm: Commentary and email demonstrating logic for optimizing outsourcing

SmallEfforts.htm:  Small changes that yield Business-Cultural Effects

EngrNews.htm:  The engineering of a newsletter in support of management

MedAdmin.htm:  Unpublished – example of customer/product analysis for medical administration.

IIECust.htm:  Unpublished – example of customer/product analysis for the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

ArmyMgtChal.htm:  HOW TO Initiate Performance Management within the U.S. Army.

Retail.htm:  Performance Management upgrade for a major retail organization.

FedContracts.htm:  Initiating Performance Management in Federal Contracting Efforts.

CongrEffect.htm:  A “How-to” for congressmen for maximizing internal “leadership stock” within the congressional family.

PSMetrics.htm:  Establishing engineered metrics for a public school system.

RealProperty.htm:  Establishing a state real-property system that delivers public value.

PersnlProductivity.htm:  Why efficiency professionals don’t favor personal productivity.

AirlineLessons.htm:  Vision allowing airlines to maximize the value of their product.

ChangeMgmt.htm:  A systematic approach to implementing change management.




UMan.htm:  A User’s Manual for a Management Engineer

MEDiff.htm:  Optimizing: the difference between Management Engineering and common management-improvement efforts.

Newsletter.htm:  The most recent newsletter

MEUpgrade.pdf  A Performance Management Instruction Sheet for the working manager.



REPO-AMERICA  (9 Jul 09) Engineering our Government and our Economy for the purpose of maximizing personal prosperity.

Techniques of Management Engineering – the original textbook of efficiency optimizing techniques for managers

Senior Manager’s Toolbox – a general work on management engineering written for managers

Management Engineering Design – the textbook for optimizing the engineering design of management structures and efforts

Optimizing Operations Research – a textbook concept that is an opportunity for efficiency engineering

Engineered Assignment Seminar – a promotional work providing optimizing efforts for skill-building for working managers

Certification for Management Engineering Specialists   a systematic approach that supports those who will apply management engineering

Remedial Management Engineering Course – a developed 40-hour course of study for graduate industrial engineers or business management specialists.  This is basic Management Engineering, and incorporates certification of graduates as Management Engineering Practitioners.

Principles of Administration Reengineered – a small book addressing performance management for the modern administrator organized around Henri Fayol’s original 14 principles, with management engineering additions for personal performance and operating ethics.  This is a senior manager advertisement for management engineering

Handbook of Political Leadership – A how-to book for getting elected, remaining and progressing in office, and gaining effect through directing public resources to gain publicly-valued results.

Handbook of Performance Management – Teaming instead of bossing.  A simplified how-to book for managers who want to maximize performance.  Level-one management engineering support for the working manager.

Smoke and Mirror Management – Ineffective management improvement programs are no longer needed when management engineering techniques are in use.






Management Engineering Textbook Site, including links for remedial course.

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