Engineering the Newsletter


The Purpose is communication in support of the marketing of management engineering.  The secondary purpose is expansion of the use of engineered management tools.


Environment:  The concepts of management engineering are immediately available, and are being published to schools in the form of textbooks.  The concepts are otherwise only effectively published in the microcosm of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, where they compete with more traditional management thinking that is already well established.


Marketing the benefits of management engineering is a necessity.  This involves getting information on potentials to those who can properly value this new management specialist.


The potential benefits from application are such that any business using these will overwhelm those using traditional management approaches.  Use will establish management engineering through competition.


Timing may be a consideration.  Textbooks have been out only a short time, and evaluation is unlikely to yield any action until mid-year 2006.  Even then, graduates with this expertise may not be available until 2007.



Leadership in BSIE programs

Leadership in MBA programs

Selective Government Organizations

Major employers will be a future market for the newsletter. 


When graduates start to appear, I will include a “voluntary” list of contact information for upcoming graduates.”


Internet Culture: 

The newsletter is to be a communication in an internet email environment.  It will be received only if it is short and to the point and is without attachments.  Direct information will be provided with only sufficient intelligence to access the useful information more directly.  Internet links provide convenient points of access, so that the information can be stored at a central location.


The website will be available from all links, and provide more general information such as past articles and monographs on various subjects.