Management engineering is finally coming into its own with a new level of service, and it comes to a startling new focus.  Instead of providing technical support to performance managers, it provides technical support to the people of this Nation.

Three separate studies come together, application to government, application to an economy, and the application to establish the people as a performance entity.

The first applies C-P analysis to our Government as an operating entity.  It is immediately apparent that we-the-people are the only customers and only owners of our Nation and its Government.  It is also apparent that we are not being treated as either owners or as customers.  The common value cycles to both customers and owners are broken.

The second applies C-P analysis to our economy as an operating entity, a new concept for economics.  It is immediately apparent that we-the-people are the only customers and only owners of our economy.  It is also easy to demonstrate that the value cycles with us are so poorly handled that we are being impoverished.

The third recognizes we-the-people as a functional entity, with an application of the pareto principle defining us for practical purposes.  The general rule is that 80% of us can speak for all the people.  Even more to the point, we have a general paradigm on which 80% agree (The American Dream), and it has three general parts: the creation of opportunities; prosperity for those who are willing to apply hard and intelligent effort on seizing an economic opportunity; and what we earn is ours, and nobody seizes what is ours without our permission.

NEW:  The purpose for our economy is in providing us with economic opportunities, and maximizing the goods and services that come to us from seizing those opportunities and applying ourselves to gaining prosperity.

NEW:  The current science of Economics is reactive; this happens, and the economy responds, and it effects us.  We need a new performance Economics based on what we put into the economy and what we receive out of it.  The new Economics is definable, but in need of development for full application.

The initiating challenge is a loss of prosperity, a reduction in the goods and services we receive from our economy for the hours and effort that we put in.  The solution is basic efficiency engineering.  It is removing elements that do not contribute to performance, and simplifying/improving those that remain. 

Government is our tool for managing the economy, and it is also questionable in its function.  Our solution will begin with empowering citizens to function as customers and owners of our Government.

This is our Government; and we take it back!  Our tool is to recognize our right to representation; and the Government’s limitation on seizing property through taxation.  Implementation is to arrange for 80% agreement on an action that will assume management over public funds through our personal representatives in Congress.

The message to our leaders, “The Owner is stepping into his office.”  The action documents for this are available at:

Application is an informal poll in the voting district.  I have yet to find anyone who is unwilling to support the action linked above – meeting the criteria for delivering a public mandate to a leader.  I will be formalizing that and carrying my poll results forward to my representative.

Presentation is as an action to be taken, requesting a list of what has to happen for success.  There is more because the public response is also likely (assuming normal population) to include in excess of 20% who are willing to become politically active to make this happen.

The purpose is to enlist the representative as the team leader, and to provide any and all support needed for us to assume the owner position that directs government activity.  If other leaders need to be effected, they have their own voting base that can be similarly activated by using local volunteers.

Welcome to the team that will assume ownership over both our Government and our Economy, ushering in an era of prosperity that is beyond even the vision of possibility for modern leadership.

The larger action has been reduced to writing in a book-length MSS that is to be published as soon as I am able to do so.  I am seeking a literary agent on this one, as I know little about this level of promotion.