Status: 12-Jan-2007

Principles of Administration: Reengineered



Description:  This is the application of the performance logic of Frederick Taylor, and basic management engineering, to the 14 original principles provided by Henri Fayol.  These have been foundation for modern administrative management.  The engineering application adds new “efficiency” principles and principles for progressing within administrative families.  It also addresses a working system of administrative ethics.


Availability:  This work is now available through on-line booksellers.  Application has been made to regular bookseller stores.    A limited number of free copies of this work are being provided to those who may promote the use of these principles, which opens the door to still greater benefit from technical support by those trained in management engineering disciplines.  Please email to the newsletter comment address if you feel that you can benefit through providing encouragement to a population of senior managers and administrators.  I am also gladly willing to provide a free copy in support of developing a book review; please provide a brief statement of why your review has potential for publication.



This work is available at  Initial contacts have been provided to Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores.  I have received the first shipment of publisher copies.