Management Engineering is the consistent application of the principle of industrial engineering to the work a manager performs in gaining performance through others. 


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New Article:  POTENT – A citizen’s guide to repossessing the Nation starts with assuming management over Government – and this opens the tool for that use.

Recent Article:  Engineering the “Business of Government” with tool-sets and links to solving our most challenging problems facing government leadership.

Available Article:  Engineered metrics for Government – including 100-year scorecard.

Available Article:  Analysis compares damages from Afghan Action to IRS.

Available Article:  Church Congregations can put leash on central administration.

Available Article:  Government management of IT through customer-based standards.

Available Article:  Applying Lean Six Sigma to itself (isixsigma website).

Available Article:  Management engineering as solution to illegal alien challenge.

Available Article:  Management Upgrade supporting/improving Lean Six Sigma.

Available Article:  Managing Domestic Terrorism – engineered solution.

Other Articles are available on the Newsletter website.



MARKETING TOOLS: information in support of management engineering graduates

Available Article:  Instructions for Performance Management.

Available Article:  Free Assignment Seminar on CD for BSIE & MBA programs.

Available Article:  A User’s Manual for a Management Engineer

Available Article:  Optimizing: the difference between Management Engineering and common management-improvement efforts.




REPO-AMERICA  (9 Jul 09) Engineering our Government and our Economy for the purpose of maximizing personal prosperity.

Techniques of Management Engineering – (1 Mar 06)  the original textbook of efficiency optimizing techniques for management and internal support (available)

The Senior Manager’s Toolbox – (25 Jun 08)  2nd edition to the definitive work on management engineering written for general reading (available)

Management Engineering Design – (29 Nov 06)  the textbook for optimizing the engineering design of management structures and efforts (available)

Optimizing Operations Research – (1 Apr 06)  a textbook concept that is an opportunity for efficiency engineering.  New OR application identified

Certification for Management Engineering Specialists  (15 Aug. 07) a systematic approach that supports those who will apply management engineering (Ready for use).

Remedial Management Engineering Course – (24 Sept 07) a 40-hour course of study for graduate industrial engineers or business management specialists, leading to certification as a practitioner (Available).

Principles of Administration Reengineered – (12 January 07) free copies now available for enhancing the market for management-engineering graduates.

With-One-Voice Leadership  (22 Oct 08)  A how-to book for getting elected, remaining and progressing in office, and gaining effect through directing public resources to gain publicly-valued results. (ebook available)

Handbook of Performance Management  (12 Mar 08)  Teaming instead of bossing.  Level-one management engineering support for the working manager (Available)

Smoke and Mirror Management (22 Oct 08) Ineffective management improvement programs are no longer needed when management engineering techniques are in use.  (Available)


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