Jesus Disciple

There is confusion between terms such as Christian, Faithful, The Saved, Disciple, Apostle and Evangelist. Disciple is a very specific term, and it was defined by Jesus through His words and deeds as they are recorded in the Bible.

The importance of this definition has been hidden through the use of other terms that seem more appropriate to those who are not disciples.

This website is directed to the making of disciples.

All Christians are called to "make disciples of all nations." I tell you, that if we were increasing the number of disciples by as little as 1% per year, everyone in the world would long ago have been disciples. We now appear to be in a state of failure when it comes to the great commission.

Get to know me through my
Spiritual Biography . Disciples are called, and do not seem to come fully formed.

Major Works Available

Major Works Descriptions provides additional information on the works briefly listed below. Text works are all available for reading with the free Adobe Reader, and can be saved to a local hard drive.

The Pilgrim's Progress is a freely copyable version of this classic work.
The Disciple Diary can be downloaded now, read up to 30 pages; and buy it to read more.
Searcher is a freely offered play, an evangelism tool for developing discernment.
The Word and Witness of Jesus is the concentrated word of God through Jesus. This study tool for a Disciple is a free download.
Word and Witness On-line is an indexed / cross-indexed html database of this study tool.

Beyond Common Magic is a magical fantasy with a religious undertone. Open it with adobe reader; read up to 30 pages; and buy it if you want more.

Religious Papers

There are a number of papers that I have produced during the years I have been studying discernment and discipleship. These are freely available.

Winner A short poetic inspiration.
The Life Chart (Available later) is a general approach to visualizing spiritual lessons.
Christian White Paper on Love is a general study of the words and meanings we give to this term.
Gospel of the Kingdom (Available later) is a very early article addressing the unpreached Kingdom of God.
Pius Humanism is the worship of humanity as a central focus of faith.

Experiences and Parables

The Kid in the Kitchen (Available Later) We learn of good and evil from Hebrew stories, and they do not support any understanding of God as a Good Father. There is much to learn on the nature of good and evil.
Neglected Children (Available Later) The Judeo-Christian understanding of God fights with the teachings and witness of Jesus.
The Fool & the Wise Man Faith is not enough, you must know what to have faith in.
First Contact is the story of that most unique and effective way that God introduced Himself to me.
The Fishing Dream is a spiritual message that is only partially revealed to me even now.
The Valley Dream is my effective call to evangelism.
Encounter With the Angel is an experience of divine intervention provided by a close relative.