The Winner



I was once a little child, and knew the love of God;

For everything within my hand came to me from above.

I never had to try that hard, to win each race I ran;

I only had to enter in, and victory was in hand.


Oh when I was a little child, I knew the love of God;

And dedicated all I was, to Him who lived above.

I did not balk, I did not stray, but witnessed with each win;

And every fiber of my being was set to honor Him.


When I became a younger man, the race was not so sure;

For there were many other lads, who sought the laurels dear.

But I was still the one who won, for Heaven was my goal;

And I would not accept a loss, where God was in control.


When I became a young adult, a person in his prime,

No mountain could be half so steep, no challenge be too high.

I picked up every gauntlet thrown, and claimed for God each prize.

But still I found the gates of Heaven, somehow beyond my eyes.


I kept my eyes on things above, and sought the holy place.

I saw the endless love of God, for still I won each race.

I raised a Godly family then, and witnessed as I ran.

Though God appeared so far away, I did not doubt His plan.


Age came up behind me then, and stole my loving pride;

My weary legs would stumble and, the young men had their stride.

I no longer had the speed to win, young men were far too fast;

My witness failed, my hope was gone; was I was beaten then at last?


But when I sunk in misery, defeated and disgraced;

“Be of great joy,” a voice intoned, “for you have won the race.

I love you as the one who strove, and would not count the cost;

For I was with you in the lead, as with the ones who lost.”


The voice of God was with me now, but not because I won

For God loved those who ran with Him, as He has loved His son

He told me that He loved me still, and never left my side;

I was what the master loved, not victory or pride.


“Long you’ve labored for your life, and great has been the cost;

But you have never failed your God, not even in your loss.

I have shared your life with you, and shared your victor’s crown;

Your winning forced the rest to seek; I AM the God they found.”