A most Personal Introduction


I was an extremely logical young man.  After I had been out on my own working for several years, I received a most unusual call.  I was engaged in my customary practice of logical analysis: finding a subject, researching it, and worrying over what could be learned - much as a dog worries over a bone.

The call was a ripple in the calm.  I had begun work on some subject now long out of memory, when I began to hear the subject all around me. I heard it being discussed by friends and acquaintances.  I heard it on live radio.  I heard it in recorded works.

It was an irritant.  I switched to a new subject (perhaps just to be contrary).  To my surprise, the subjects seemed to change for everyone else as well.  I was again hearing commentary from all sides on a subject I thought I picked almost at random.

When it happened a third time, I knew something was out of place, and looked at the logical options:

1. I could be mistaken as to my observations.
2. I could have been projecting so that everyone else followed me.
3. I could have been influenced by everyone else, and be picking up on what others were thinking.
4. There could be interference by an active agent that was most insistent on getting my attention.

I checked the first by close observation when I switched subjects again, and the reflected change in my immediate environment was not something to be mistaken.  It was beyond any reasonable probability.

I looked at the second, and was unable to project an idea on others even when I concentrated.  This was repetition of earlier experimentation, and I accepted that I had made no significant change in this area.  It most unlikely that I was somehow unconsciously effecting people around me.  And even then, we were talking about radio and television shows recorded weeks, months, or even years before.  There was no way I could pre-effect everyone else.

The same observation, that it was also recorded television and radio, indicated that the phenomena went far beyond me picking up on thoughts or subjects projected by others.

By elimination, I accepted the fourth; there was an active agency at work getting my attention.  From the immediate facts, I knew that this agency was intimately interested in me as an individual.  I knew that it was tremendously knowledgeable about me, others, and the world in general; and had ability to make things happen.

I did the only thing a logical person could do, and greeted my Lord in recognition of what He had done to reach into my private world.  Such a caring call might possibly be rejected, but there is no way that it can be ignored.

There was nothing which I might call a positive response, and none was really expected. In answer.  The phenomena stopped as abruptly as it had started, and has not returned.  This was confirmation that one of the primary effects to be achieved (from what seemed an impossible effort) centered around me.  I accepted it as such, and went forward.

I specifically note that there was no effort to direct me to any other pursuit.  There was no demand for something to be done, or forbidding of activities.  It was simply a demand to recognize someone who had abilities that I could see, but not fathom or understand.

In retrospect, it was that same one clear Godly message which has been from the beginning: "I AM".  It was not logical, but went beyond any logic system. It was not rational, but ultimately and intimately personal.

Soon, I looked back through my experience, and found a guiding hand had been there.  It wasn't as if I had ever been pulled up short or stopped, or that I had somehow been given a direction to pursue.  Still, I could see how I was gently and insistently redirected to channels which kept me growing and out of difficulties.  I have come to thank God for his care.

It is most interesting that there were no requirements, no duties, and no judgment. I was just the one who was called to recognize God as one source of who I had become.