The Rowboat Dream

I had a feeling for some months that I was in for a few very encompassing changes in my life. My job situation was changing, nothing overt, just changing. My own external efforts were coming to fruition, both with a new phase in getting myself set up as a business which trained mannagers, and with the internet recording of my discipling effort.

There had even been an increasing frequency of division between church christianity and our Lord's teaching, causing me to take a more active role.

There has been an expectancy in the air

The day before the dream, an acquaintance from the past has returned to visit me at the Post, a man of good heart and Spirit, who found himself ground up by the needs of organization and the unlucky position of dealing with some superiors in his organization.

I had been placed in a position to give him some spiritual aid, and some general information by which he could more effectively guide his extraction from the Federal service.

Now, he informed me that he had stumbled into a situation of substantial economic potential, and was looking to do what he could to support my efforts in management - and maybe even incorporate my skills into his business effort.

While I was glad for him, and rejoiced with him, I was also very interested in pursuing my current path of setting up management seminars. He even promised to help me in this, as he was making many senior-manager contacts.

Shortly, I was visited by the dream I now relate:

I was in a large (about 14 foot) row boat. It was heavy and substantial. I was rowing near the edge of what I presumed to be a lake. I was dressed in casual cloths, long sleeve shirt such as I wear fishing, and was under the impression that I was exploring the shoreline.

A sudden wind came up, so strong that it turned the boat and headed it out from the shore at an angle of about 20 degrees. I have no memory of the effect upon the shore, but there was only a light rippling of the water, much as you would have with a gust of wind on a small lake.

As I was driven, I layed to the oars, trying to get back to what I had been doing, but lost ground quickly.

It was then, with the head of the boat once again turned into the the wind and my back to the shore from which I had been blown, that I realized that the violence of the wind had driven the boat's rear down and into the water.

Being very comfortable on small lakes, and a strong swimmer, I had no sense of concern or confusion, only an irritation that I might have to swim, dragging that awkward boat with me. I was not looking forward to such activity.

But then the wind died as suddenly as it had arisen, and I found the craft sinking right next to a large rock shelf just under the water, which reached to a low rock point; a small island some 20 or thirty yards from the shore.

I tossed the oars onto the rock, and stepped out myself, retaining hold on the prow of the boat. I quickly twisted the craft to its side, and hauled it up to where the water drained; and I set it up again.

Turning to get my first look at the little island, I found two sets of fishing tackle, just laying on the rock as if they had been abandoned. The rods were neatly propped against the rock and the rest of the tackle. The hooks and immediate tackle were set and ready for use. My first thought was that some fool must have left them there exposed like that.

I remember being struck by this as a puzzle, as any wind which was powerful enough to push me against my rowing, and sink the boat, would certainly have sent such objects flying. These rods were utterly exposed, and still propped up off of the rock.

It was at that moment that I awoke.

This was not a normal dream for me. I have long had an ability to enter into my own dreams when I find them not to my liking. I have a choice of either relaxing and enjoying the ride, or entering in and taking charge of the situation.

I was not in a position to do either. I was set upon by a wind which was not in my control. I was not successful at continuing what I set out to do, even in my own dream. I am forced to realize that It was not really my dream, but something imposed.

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