Major Works Descriptions



The Pilgrimís Progress

This classic tale was produced by John Bunyan before there was a United States.It is unique both for being a full book-length allegory, and for being a powerful religious statement.It is also a part of our history, being the companion of early Americans in the westward migration where early colonists expanded our nation.For many decades, this work was revered only slightly less than the Bible, the other mainstay of the early American Christian family.


In the more recent decades, the work has been set aside as not being in agreement with the more central teachings of the Christian faith.Like so much of our nationís religious foundation, it has been abandoned, and replaced with emptiness.


This work chronicles two adventures.In the first, our hero, Christian, undertakes a journey from his home in the City of Destruction to the Celestial City.In the second, Mrs. Christian and their children make the same journey, but with their own adventures.

These are life adventures, and Christian is beset by the same challenges that face all Christians.There are snares set for the unwary, there are temptations and there are battles in both the spirit and in the flesh.But there are also good men like Evangelist, who are there to support the one who travels the path to the Celestial City.


This is a must read for every Citizen of the United States.It was made a part of our national heritage by those many who have gone before us.While there will always be those who denigrate the work for its ďancientĒ morality and unpopular doctrine, it will also remain as one of the cornerstones for defining who we are as a people.


This work is fully available as an Adobe .pdf file.Clicking on the link with your browser will allow it to load on your local computer.You can read it there, or save it to your local computerís hard drive.This text of this work is long out of copyright.My presentation is my gift to you, and I make it freely available. You may copy and distribute it.Freely you have received, freely give.



The Disciple Diary

This is a new allegory, written by Jesse W. Brogan and presented to his wife as a gift.It is also two adventures, but both for a new Christian.He is awakened and soon set on that straight and narrow path that leads into life.


This is even more a spiritual adventure than The Pilgrimís Progress.Rather than a journey to the Celestial City, it is a journey to discernment and discipleship.


For the first Journey, Christian is directed to seek the Kingdom of God, and finds at the end that it was with him from the start.He finds that he is able to recognize his God no matter how he appears.There are none like our God.


The second Journey is for the one who is invited to be a disciple.It is not a path that a man walks alone, for the disciple is formed by observing the master.Christian finds himself walking with the Lord, and doing what he observes.And when the adventure seems to be over, Christian finds that it is just beginning.


This work is a commercial adventure.It is provided as a whole with encouragement to read enough of it to satisfy yourself of its value to you.If it is worth $10, send a check to Jesse Brogan, 70 tarragon Lane, Edgewater, MD 21037 and read on.You have purchased the right to have a copy.



The Searcher

There is no greater indictment of modern Christianity than the fear that a man might hear the voice of Satan, and be led astray.Are Satan and God then so much alike that a man might hear the one and be confused as to who it is?


This work is focused on discernment, on learning to tell the difference between God and everything else.It is the interaction of Searcher with a God who will not leave him.And yet the Searcher is all of us.He resists knowing God, for that is not what we have been told, and not what we are encouraged to believe.But still, God is unique, and none are Like Him.The more time Searcher spends in the presence, the more he comes to know the one who loves him more than he loves himself.


This work is an discernment study tool.It was developed for the purpose of evangelism, for teaching a valuable lesson.Watch as Searcher hangs back from his God, testing and trying to teach God to be as he has learned God must be.This work is freely available, both for download and for sharing with others.



The Word and the Witness of Jesus

This is the extraction of Jesus from the scriptures.It is a concentrate of what Jesus said and did, with just enough additional wording to make it readable.By what Jesus says and does, He tells us who he is.Jesus needs no other witness.This is the tool of choice for the one who would walk with Jesus.


I must caution that this is not the same witness as we get in the general scriptures.Jesus was not a follower of others, and many who wrote part of the Bible did not agree with what he taught.


There is great conflict in this work.The Jesus of the scriptures came bringing life, not avoiding or defeating death.The Jesus of the scripture did not forgive sins; He forgave sinners of their sins.The Jesus of the scriptures preached a Gospel; but it is not the gospel we proclaim today.The Jesus of the scriptures did not address grace, nor was it part of His ministry.


In his ministry, Jesus chided the Jews because they had written down their own laws, and had followed them instead of the Ten Commandments that came from God.This may also be seen in the honoring of New Testament teachings that do not have foundation in Jesus.It is little wonder that Jesus is so little known or recognized by modern Christians


This work is a discernment study tool.It was developed for the purpose of evangelism, for teaching a valuable lesson.It is made available as the clearest source for witness to Jesus, the one Truth that we know comes from Heaven.



Word and Witness On-Line

Powerful as the witness itself may be, there is yet more.This work is presented as a hypertext database, indexed and cross indexed for a number of individual subjects.This allows two new directions of study, subject-based examination, and browsing through the witness for like thoughts and complementary teachings.


This is available for on-line viewing and reading.It supports the internet-culture experience of following links to like information, and being able to search by subject.


This is not a download product, but is prepared for on-line use.Feel free to read in it, and to enjoy the witness of our Lordin a new way.



Beyond Common Magic

This is a fiction work, a magical fantasy built upon the nature of humanity.Men seek power, but God provides influence.Men build their hopes and dreams on what they can do; but God holds the rules of reality in his hands.


Common magic is what we do every day, as where a politician spellbinds a crowd until they put the resources of a nation under his control, or a child flicks the light switch.There is a magic beyond this, and it goes to the very nature of what is real.


In this book, it is a time when magic is strong among the gifted, and they do many wonderful things by their art.But then there is another who has a different influence, one that gives and takes magical potentials.What happens to the gifted when magic begins to seep out of the world?


Two Sisters and their ungifted younger brother are away at school when the first whisps of change are felt.Into this situation we add a powerful young sorcerer with a demon on a leash, and the most senior witch of the senior sisterhood.Things are going to change!


This work is a commercial book.It was written for suspenseful entertainment, demonstrating the potency of spiritual adventures.Feel free to download the work and read the first 30 pages.If it meets with your approval, send 8$ to Jesse Brogan, 70 Tarragon Lane, Edgewater, MD21037.You have then purchased one copy of this work, and may complete the story.



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