Encounter with an Angel


This took place in Florida, where my wife was visiting.


Outside the local grocery store, she saw an emaciated cat scrounging for a meal.


During her shopping, she remembered the animal with some feeling of personal need.  She bought a can of sardines, which was not a planned purchase.


On coming out, she saw that the cat is still there, and went up to the animal, who seemed reasonably friendly. 


She remembered saying, “God will see that you don’t go hungry today.”


She applied the key to the tab on the can.  It failed, taking the tab off and leaving no way to open it.


This was most disturbing to her, but a friendly voice from behind said, “Let me try this.”  It was a man who was standing right behind her.  He received the can and applied something that was attached to his belt.  It quickly levered the can open, and he handed it back to her. 


She set it down, noting the cat’s ravenous interest.


On turning around to thank the man, she found that she was alone, and no one was even near her.