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What our Lord said, What our Lord did

This hypertext database is a product of Jesse Brogan, a disciple of Jesus. Share it freely with others. (Freely you have received, freely give).

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Index of Indexes

The Book of Matthew

Matthew 1 through 7
Starting the ministry and sermon on the mount

Matthew 8 through 12
Healings, forgiveness, teaching, preparing and sending the Disciples, responding to the religious leaders

Matthew 13 through 18
Preparing the Disciples, and the transfiguration

Matthew 19 through 23
Preparing disciples for ministry, entry into Jerusalem, conflict with religious leaders

Matthew 24 - 28
Final preparations, death and resurrection

The Book of Mark

MARK 1 - 6
The start of the ministry, miracles and healings, and sending the 12

Mark 7 - 11
Teachings and demonstrations, the transfiguration, final preparations and into Jerusalem

Mark 12 - 16
Conflict with leadership, crucified and risen

The Book of Luke

Luke 1 - 7
Jesus from beginning through early ministry challenges and teachings

Luke 8 - 11
Sending disciples out, teachings and witness to God

Luke 12 - 15
Many parables and lessons, early conflicts with the religious leaders

Luke 16 - 20
Teaching and preparing the disciples; entrance, and conflicts in Jerusalem

Luke 21 - 24
Final preparation of disciples, condemnation and crucifiction, arisen Lord

The Book of John

Luke 1 - 6
A ministry in conflict with the world

John 7 - 12
Conflict with leadership, miracles and preparation, entering Jerusalem

John 13 - 17
Preparation of the disciples

John 18 - 21
Betrayal, trials, condemnation, crucifiction and resurrection

The Book of Acts

Acts of the Apostles
Another sending, Saul Tarsus called

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