The Management Upgrade Shop

The management upgrade shop is a private corporation dedicated to the advancement of management engineering, the application of the principles of industrial engineering to the art and science of gaining performance through a subordinate organization.

This website is by Jesse W. Brogan, the Father of Management Engineering. This development effort began in 1983 with a suggestion that could not be implemented, and was set in general scope by 1993, when the corporation was first formed under the name OEE, Inc

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Upgrade Books

Techniques of Management Engineering is a college textbook for BSIE and MBA programs for technical support of working senior managers.

Harnessing the Technology Demon addresses the flow of money from technology users to technology providers without earning income for the users. (Open Read-Ahead Now).

The Senior Manager's Toolbox is a general address of management engineering for use by working managers. (Open Read-Ahead Now)

The Cure for Common Management is the definitive management engineering approach for handling managerial stress and burnout. (Open Read-Ahead Now)

Mastering the People Game is an advanced management work addressing the engineering of Labor in general. (Open Read-Ahead Now)

OEE, Inc. is Management Engineering Light. It is fiction, but serves like an easy to understand casebook for managers who want to use engineered techniques. (Open Read-Ahead Now)

Principles of Administration: Reengineered is the first general upgrade and expansion of administrative principles since its effective beginning at the start of the last century. This short work will soon be commercially available.

Other Offerings

Instructions for Performance Management is a two page instruction sheet for the working manager who is to apply performance management within his are of authority. This is a FREE.

The Notebook is a 94 page pocket book with double wire binding. It gives a concentrated overview of both management engineering and Organizational Efficiency Engineering. (20% Sample of Notebook)

Organizational Efficiency Engineering is the extensive handout from the 2002 presentation of this subject at a joint meeting of the DC and Baltimore IIE Chapters. The link opens this item for reading or saving.

Strategic Planning is a presentation handout for a talk on the application of management engineering to the process of strategic planning. It addresses not only the problems faced by modern managers, but the applications that make strategic planning into a manageable process. The link opens this item for reading or saving.

The Art and Science of Assignment

Management Metrics is the handout from a presentation on metrics for management, management systems, and internal operations. Not only is management measurable, but it can be linked to organizational performance.

Replace Suggestion Programs is the handout for a short presentation identifying implementation as the basis for management rather than suggestions. Implementation responsibilities can be set upon process managers

Other Works of Interest

This section contains products that are available from The Management Upgrade Shop. For more information or to arrange for delivery of presentations, initiate contact by email The Management Upgrade Shop

The Principles of Scientific Management is the text of the Frederick Taylor work that effectively started Industrial Engineering. It is a part of the history that has been neglected far too long. The link opens this work for either reading or copying.

Shop Management is a book by Frederick W. Taylor that addresses many of his theories and approaches to shop management. Some of the advances made in his later works are addressed here as well. This work is beyond copyright.

The Prince is a sixteenth century work on feudal management. Its applications for modern senior managers has been wrongly deemphasized. Now you can open this text for read and copying.