"Link Automation Decisions

with Business Profits."


A New Level of Management

Replace cost cutting - with intelligent spending

Don't improve technology - improve profits


Jesse Brogan, Management Engineer, brings you a way to manage an area where there is no real management, the gaining of profits through office automation. This is one in a series of management engineering works, built on the new vision that comes from applying professional efficiency engineering to the art and science of gaining performance through organizations. An original application area from the father of management engineering, this work is one result of a two-decade study of efficiency in management.

First, you have to see the demon. Capture the vision! The first 10% of Harnessing The Technology Demon is free, and you can read it or download it now! It is so packed with good-management applications that I am glad to provide it. This work sells itself!

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The demon is hidden. Two great secrets are revealed. The first: This demon is real, and money is being diverted from potential profits to feed it.

The second, There is no information-technology management being performed at the organization level. We find no business-income potentials for a manager to gain through most of the information management decisions that are now being made.

Does anyone remember why we have office automation? Instead of saving us money and making our lives and business operations easier, we have to call on experts just to load a screen saver. If we need unplanned access to our information, we have to hire experts to extract it in useful form.

We managers are the ones who have something to accomplish with the computer. It is supposed to help us do things; not to make doing things increasingly difficult. User businesses aren't supposed to support the technology industry, that industry only exists to support its users. What sort of twisted logic tells us that we need an 800 page technical manual and forty minutes of research to properly hyphenate a word, or prepare a standard signature block?

Knowledge and information are business resources. So why do hackers seem to have better access to it than our own people? We no longer freely use our information; we have to concentrate on protecting it so that others don't use it.


The tools for taking charge are already in your hands.

Do not despair. The ones who have control over spending have all they need to harness this demon; to point it back toward business profits; and to apply the spurs.

If you are ready to start managing this monster, Harnessing the Technology Demon tells you what you are facing, and helps you to see it clearly. It gives the vision that lets you grasp the reins. This book provides direction based on profit-driven viewpoints and understandings.

Yes, it is a demon. It is an entity that is opposed to the life and health of technology-users. It is a spiritual being that aggrandizes itself by harming those who listen to its whisperings. Like all such beings, it has no real power over its victims, but appears to have power because it exercises influence upon others.

I am not asking a manager to take on just one or two businesses, but the whole information industry. How, you might ask, is a manager supposed to have any influence on something of this size?

I offer this question as an example of the demonic whispering; telling you that you have to take what is offered and make the best of it. It is a statement in a wrong spirit, a spirit that does not support intelligent management.

Modern managers now make decisions to expend on automation without even an expectation of increased income. That is the extent of the influence now exercised by this gluttonous monster. As we now manage, it is actually hard to find intelligent decisions on automation expenditures.


The real power is yours,

and you can exercise it at any time.

The real power is not technology, as the demon insists; it is in the dollar. This demon is harnessed through intelligent application of management with a clear vision on what a manager is to accomplish through automation decisions.

The attachment of decision to profitability is only the beginning. Instead of having the demon put demands on the manager, the manager can insist that this demon serves the purposes of management. When a determined manager no longer spends to feed this creature, its power is quickly brought to heel. If it wants to survive, then it must serve.

The longer you wait, the more of your potential profits will bleed away. Get what you can now; the first 10% of the book is free for download. When you see what you are missing, I know you will want the rest!

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